Skate Night at the Oakland Ice Rink

Xenophon participants were offered the opportunity to participate in a special skate night at the Oakland Ice Center on Friday, August 14, 2015.  Six of Xenophon’s students and their families turned out for a fun-filled evening on the ice.  All types of unique devices were on hand to help any level of skater.  There were plastic seals that skaters could sit on and get pushed over the ice, there were walkers to provide stability while skaters propelled themselves, there were even chairs and buckets to provide easy movement.  Balls and parachutes enhanced the fun and scores of volunteers engaged and helped the skaters on the ice.   This wonderful opportunity was provided by Denise Christiansen, an autism specialist and the coordinator for the Special Skater Program at the ice center.    We hope for future opportunities at the ice rink.  Thank you, Denise.