Kiwanis, nicknamed Kiwi, is a 20 year-old Haflinger mare, who was donated to Xenophon by Creeky Routson, and funded in part by Kiwanis of Moraga Valley. She is a golden chestnut color with a flaxen mane and tail. She came to Xenophon in 2005 with minimal experience under saddle. At that point in her life she had already achieved a lot by being the proud mother of two foals. From the time that we acquired Kiwanis it was obvious she was willing and able to do whatever was asked of her. She is a stocky horse, standing at only 14 hands. Kiwi is now one of our most dependable Hippotherapy horses, having taken to be long lined, or driven from behind. Hippotherapy is physical therapy on horseback. Hippo is “horse” in Greek. She was a fast learner and seems to enjoy her new role at Xenophon.


Ozzie came to us in the fall of 2011. He served as a lesson horse and riding companion for a 12 year-old girl before being donated to Xenophon by the Brenna family. Ozzie is a 19 year-old powerful little Quarter Horse/pony cross. Standing at 14.1 hands with a somewhat slender build, Ozzie is the perfect sized therapy horse. His size makes the sidewalker’s job easy, children with tight muscles appreciate his slender build, yet he can carry older children and shows patience and care with more independent riders. He has proven his worth in Hippotherapy, where he took immediately to long-lining and has filled a much needed space within that part of our program. Ozzie has personality plus and loves interacting with people and his herdmates. He is known for enjoying long naps stretched out in the sun in the arena.


Glory, or Go-Go as she is called, is a lovely 13 year-old Arabian mare who is on loan to us from Lori Trenbath. Go-Go came to us in the summer of 2012 and has been a favorite amongst our students since then. Prior to coming to Xenophon, Go-Go was a reliable trail horse who safely carried her rider across Mount Diablo and Briones park. She has had a solid introduction to dressage. Go-Go is now trained to long line and works regularly in Hippotherapy sessions. She is the “go to” horse for our independent riders and carries them safely over jumps.

Aya – “The girl with the kind eyes and sweet personality” is what she is most known for. Aya is a 18 year old Andalusian/Quarter horse cross. Prior to coming to us, her owner, after a hard day’s work, would wind down with a solo trail ride, always confident with Aya being steadfast and dependable. A big thank you to Aya’s owner, Ursula for allowing the use of this girl in our programs.

Calvin – Is our 18 year old, 15.3 hand, Draft/Quarter horse cross. He is a snuggle bug in a big horse body.  Calvin has become very popular with our Connected Horse participants, where he lowers his head to get the best pets and scratches. Prior to Xenophon, Calvin was a trail horse ridden on the hills and shorelines of Mendocino County. 

A big thank you to Calvin’s caretaker, Michaela and Calvin’s owners for the use of this wonderful boy.

BO – Is a 20 year old Mustang, who was rounded up as a two year old from the Susanville,Twin Peaks wild mustang herd. Bo has a big heart and is a favorite with the Veterans program. He loves to be fussed over and appears to fall asleep while being groomed.

We thank both of Bo’s owners, Pattie and Britney for their use of Bo.


Ruthven, our elegant unicorn-like 18-year-old Connemara/Thoroughbred cross gelding is on loan to us from his owner Joyce Wells. Prior, Ruthven was shown by Joyce in three-day eventing before being retired. Ruthven has quickly proven his easy-going, reserved personality, and willingness to complete whatever task is asked of him. Our sincere thanks go to Joyce Wells for the use of her horse Ruthven.

Dr. O’Brien

Our Veterinarian, Dr. Michael O’Brien Dr. Michael O’Brien of Diablo Horse Clinic has been the veterinarian for the Xenophon horses since the program acquired its first horse. For 19 years he has seen to cuts, colics, and coughs. His care has included late night visits for colics, dealing with lameness issues, eye surgeries, and Pigeon Fever. His compassion and care were always most appreciated on the times we have had to put down one of our beloved therapy horses. This year, we were proud that Dr. O’Brien won the PATH International Region 11 Veterinarian of the Year Award.

Thank you Dr. O’Brien, for the countless hours you have donated to keep our herd healthy and happy!