2023 Calendar

11/11/23 – Volunteer Appreciation Lunch, 12:00 pm, Covered Arena

Xenophon could not operate without the hours of time given by our dedicated volunteers.  From helping with lessons, to maintaining our facilities, to helping plan and execute events, our volunteers donate hundreds of hours of time.  At Xenophon, our volunteers are revered, and every year we look forward to our Volunteer Luncheon, as that is our time to tell them how much they are valued.  If you are a Xenophon volunteer, please come so we can honor you!

6/1/24 – Mark your calendars for our special Barn Dance event at the center!

Rather than a traditional gala next year, we are holding a barn dance!  We want to reconnect our supporters with the fabulous work we are doing here at the center.  Every day is magic!  What better way to do that, than to hold our fundraiser at the center.  Think BBQ, line dancing, games, demonstrations, cowboy boots, bling jeans, and fun.  Invite your neighbors and friends.  It is sure to be a night to remember.

2023 Season Calendar

Follow the link for the pdf version: Xenophon Calendar 2023