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2019 Horse Show

Miles of Smiles!

Our Annual Horse Show brought out the best in our students, Veterans, and Horses, plus our volunteers, friends, and family…everyone grinned with pride, joy, and excitement!

50+ riders showed off their skills and accomplishments in step with their equine therapy partner…sitting up tall, oozing with confidence, and after their presentation, raising their trophy high while soaking in the admiration from the crowd.

Our Xenophon’s Operation Hooves on the Ground Veterans also shared their new skills; showing the power of the relationship between themselves and their incredible therapy horse.

A HUGE thank you to our passionate volunteers, working before, during, and after the Show to ensure a smooth ride for all! The center looked fresh, our herd looked beautiful, and the BBQ was grilled to perfection.

Special thanks to our amazing partners: SonRise Equestrian Foundation for bringing two of their beloved therapy horses to our show to help ease our herd’s load; The Peter Pan Foundation and their Princesses & Action Heroes bringing joy and excitement to our Opening Ceremony; Barsotti Family Juice Co. for donating juices and lemonade for our BBQ; Julian Passmore, Xenophon student, for creating a unique purple bandana to sell and raise funds for Xenophon; Mike Miller and the United Steel Workers for sponsoring the individual trophies our students received; Lisa Browning and Friends for providing the beautiful hand-carved wood rocking horse in the Winner Circle; Clipped Wings of Oakland, NCL Walnut Creek, NCL Lamorinda, Boys Team Charity, and Scout Troop 810 for adding helping hands at the Show; and Canine Companions for Independence for providing canine hugs and kisses throughout the day!

Check out some of the smiles below and keep smiling with more images here!  EnJoy the Moment! 

Moments of Change

At Xenophon, the thing we love most, the thing that keeps us coming back, that  makes us smile, are the Moments of Change. Those are the memorable moments, they make us feel a part of something, feel passion, motivation, joy, confidence, and that is what we are privileged to experience every day at Xenophon.

Every person filmed, parent, volunteer, veteran, staff, no matter their connection to Xenophon, used the same two words somewhere in their responses…JOY and FAMILY. No two greater words to describe Xenophon! Enjoy the video…we joyfully share everything going on at the center and hope you become part of our family!

2019 Speakeasy Gala Photos

Thanks to all who participated in the gala, and especially to those brave enough to venture into the photo booth! We have so many great shots from this year’s event. Here are a few of your photographer’s favorites.


As always, the rest of the images can be viewed and purchased at

2018 Horse Show Photos!

As always, you can view and purchase photos at

2018 Gala Program

We thought you might like to see all the fabulous things that go on at our gala.  Check out  our “History” page!  Peruse the businesses who have sponsored and donated to the gala.  Please stop into these establishments and express our gratitude for their participation!  Join us next year!

2018 Gala Photos!


You can view (and purchase!) the rest of the evening’s images on our Xenophon Photos web site –

Your humble photographer would like to express his gratitude Christine and Olivia Curtis for their invaluable assistance with this year’s Photo Booth!

2017 Horse Show Photos

We went a little crazy this year, shooting more than 1,600 photos. Hopefully, this means you’ll find something to like in our 2017 Horse Show photo album. Here are just a few of your photographer’s many favorites.

As always, you can view and purchase all of the photos at

2017 Gala Photos

This year we’re making it easy for you to have your own high-quality photos from the gala while supporting Xenophon at the same time! The Gala Photo Booth images are being made available at the highest possible quality, and will print beautifully. Better still, after the cost of making the prints, the rest of the purchase price goes directly to Xenophon. If you have questions about the process, feel free to email your photographer.

The photos from this year’s gala as well as many other Xenophon events can be found at

It’s really hard to pick favorites from this year’s shots, but here are a few of your humble photographer’s favorites.

Thanks you all for participating!

“Tips For Change” Fundraiser at Gianni’s A Huge Success

On Monday, October 3rd, Xenophon was fortunate to be able to participate, yet again, in Gianni’s Italian Bistro’s “Tips For Change” fundraiser. Gianni’s, which is normally closed on Mondays, opens its restaurant to local non-profits. We provide the wait staff and invite the guests, then we keep all the tips and Gianni’s donates 10% of the food sales. The restaurant was bubbling and we packed the house with friends and families of Xenophon. While we can vouch that the food was fantastic, many joked that the wait staff should keep their day jobs. Our amazing servers, Mark Caron (Board Member), Danielle Coburn (Program Director), Leslie DeBoer (Board Member), Jean Johnstone (Board Member), Mari Parino (Executive Director), Christine Raddeck (Barn Manager), Steve Siljestrom (Board Member), and Ron Wichmann (Volunteer) did an excellent job of stepping out of their usual role into that of waiter. They must have seen to their guests every need, as we raised over $3,200.00!

A huge thank you goes to our servers, our guests, and of course, Melanie and Gianni Bertoletti for this wonderful opportunity. If you missed the fundraiser, please go try the restaurant and support Melanie and Gianni in their commitment to help local non-profits.

Gianni’s Italian Bistro, 2065 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583 (925)820-6969

View the rest of the images here.