Our 2024 Drive Through Crab Feed Was a Huge Success!

On February 9th, Xenophon held its 4th annual Drive Through Crab Feed. Started during the pandemic as a creative fundraiser, it allowed people to enjoy the yummy goodness of great Dungeness crab in the comfort and safety of their own home. Despite people being venturing out to events, and despite many organizations returning to large scale crab feeds in gyms and social halls, the concept stuck. Many folks still like the option of picking up a delicious crab dinner and enjoying it in the comfort of their home. Now, they invite their friends over and have a crab party!

We sold over 800 pounds of crab! That equated to over 165 dinners, some with extra bags of crab. Sourced from Alaska, the crab was big, juicy and delicious. Paired with a yummy caesar salad and a fabulous baguettte from Semifreddi’s, it was the perfect meal. We heard nothing but raves from those who ordered the Anna’s Seafood fresh clam chowder. That was a hit! And of course, there were cookies included for dessert.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our neighbors, friends, parents, volunteers and staff who bought dinners. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who stuffed bags, ran dinners out to cards, and kept track of orders. Acalanes NCL took on the huge job of bagging 350 cookies. Even more importantly, thank you to our sponsors: Semifreddi Bakery, Eric and Megan Lindberg, Diablo Foods, San Ramon Safeway, Pleasant Hill Safeway, Clayton Safeway, and Walnut Creek Safeway. It would not have been a successful fundraiser without your generosity.