We did it! We were able to bring Beau (Windsong) home!

This past month, Xenophon ran a Go Fund Me campaign to help us purchase a new horse for the center. Thanks to the generosity of so many, we were able to purchase Beau, also known by his registered name of Windsong. We cannot thank our supporters enough! This was a huge purchase for the center and was only made possible through so many of you who contributed!

“Windy” as he is affectionately called now at the center, is an 8 year-old Halflinger gelding. He arrived at the center 3 weeks ago and is undergoing his isolation period and has already started his training. According to our Barn Manager, Linda, he is completely settled in and is advancing rapidly in his training. He seems to love the job and his curious disposition makes him unflappable no matter what Linda “throws” at him.

Halflingers originated in Austria and were bred primarily for carriage work and to navigate the steep hills of the alps. As such, they were bred to have a calm disposition, which makes them perfect for therapy work. In addition, they are smaller in stature but with big bones, this also makes them perfect for therapy work: they can carry large weight loads for their size, while making it very easy for sidewalkers! Windy started out life with an Amish family. He is broke to drive (pull a carriage) and we anticipate him being a super candidate for long-lining for Therapeutic Services.

While we appreciate the older horses in our herd, many of them are often with us for only a few years before they need to be retired. Those horses that we have brought in at a younger age, Kiwi, GoGo and Ozzie, have been with our program for many, many years. We are hoping that Windy will be with us for a very long time as well.

Again, a huge thank you to all who made the purchase of this special horse a reality for Xenophon.