A Huge Thank You to our Gala Committee & Volunteers

THANK YOU to the amazing Gala Committee and dedicated volunteers! Your hard work and passion transformed our beloved center into an event venue and put on a gala for the ages!!!

Special thanks to:

Alexis Gottschalk, Amy Ripley, Andrea Raub, Ann Call, Anna James, Annie Quirk, Barbara Donovan, Barbara Roth, Bonny Griebstein, Brian Mathews, Capri Filippenko, Charles Vitt, Cherie Garcia-Day, Chris Hangen, Christine Tomacci, Cindy Moore, Clara MacDonald, Colin Finnegan, Danielle Coburn, Deborah Peary, Diane Morabito, Elena Halper-Schilt, Elizabeth Stokes, Em Dodge, Eric Legare, Gail Stern, Gail Pohlman, Gayle Jackson, Haley Mathews, Jack King, Jane Griebstein, Jennifer Wiseman, Jim Taylor, Jim Pire, Joan Saunders, Joel Browning, Jordan Case, Kelli Jackman, Kelly Pire, Kim Kellogg. Laura Fend, Laura Newell, Leilah Moses, Linda Parsons, Lindsay Kayser, Lisa Browning, Lisa Dominiak, Lisa Powell, Lorna Lyle, Mackenzie Finnegan, Madelaine Babb, Margo Garner, Mari Parino, Marilyn Schumacher, Melaine Dillon, Michael Stern, Michelle Bushong, Mikha Diaz, Nicole LeBas, Noelle Filippenko, Ola Alani, Orion Filippino, Paula Newton-Molgaard, Peggy Huston, Penny Tinder, Peter Molgaard, Rachel Bloom Walters, Rebecca Wernicke, Rebecca Weston, Renee Dyer, Rita Akol, Robin Lim, Sam Parino, Sara Damron, Sarah Moses, Scott Parsons, Shazia Malik, Terri Troise, Tess Casey, Theresa Vitt, and Wendy Clark.

BTC, Orinda; Clipped Wings; NCL Alcalanes; NCL Lamorinda; Scouts of America: Troop 303.

I aspire to a complete list, but in the event that I have missed recognizing you and/or your organization specifically, I apologize! Please know that your contributions were felt and valued!

Check out more photos here!!!