Chevron Lends A Hand for Corporate Caring Week 2014

Xenophon was fortunate to have 2 groups from Chevron give their time for needed projects at the center during the recent Corporate Caring Week.  One group came on Tuesday, September  9, 2014 and built a much needed covered parking shed for our new tractor as well as put in hours to spruce up our sensory trail.  The group that came on Thursday, September 11th, painted our office trailer and hay shed.   Big projects like these would be very costly to do were it not for the donated hours of time given by these volunteers.  We are very grateful to the Chevron IT group and the relationship we have developed over the years.  This group has been coming to Xenophon for over 10 years and are responsible for many of the structures we use everyday.   A big thank you goes out to Paul Shankwiler, who lent his expertise and hours of his time to design and prep the area for the tractor shed.  Our center looks wonderful!