Connor Akers Builds New Viewing Deck

Xenophon would like to extend a big thank you to Connor Akers for building the lovely viewing deck on the side of our outdoor arena. Connor built the deck for his Boy Scout Eagle Project. Connor was an amazing young man to work with. Connor spent months building a model prototype, consulting with construction specialists and securing a donation for the building supplies. When building day finally came around, Connor brought a large group of scouts and was the perfect job foreman, overseeing the safe, and precise pouring of concrete, framing, and building. The new deck is spectacular and was a much needed addition in order to provide our parents with a safe and visible place to watch their child’s hippotherapy session or therapeutic riding lesson. Thank you, Connor, for all your hard work and efforts.

Xenophon would also like to thank ETIC Engineering for their generous donation which was used to purchase the building supplies for the deck. Your support of our program is greatly appreciated.