Instructor In-Service

Xenophon is fortunate to have a large number of very talented instructors, occupational therapists, a physical therapists and a physical therapist assistant on staff. These dedicated professionals take their job seriously and commit many hours, beyond those spent teaching in the arena, to further their education and ensure that they are current on industry practices and standards. This includes maintaining industry certifications, attending conferences, and taking on-line courses.

In keeping with this commitment, our fabulous group of professionals gave up their Saturday morning and braved the rain and wind to attend an in-service training at the center. This training included sharing knowledge gained from workshops attended at national conference, honing skills on teaching the “team” (participant, volunteers, and horse handler), best practices for addressing challenges experienced during lessons and a riding component. Adhering to Xenophon’s belief that learning and therapy should be fun, a bit of competitive “Family Feud” got everyone vying for best answer on addressing lessons challenges. And what better way to thoroughly focus on the movement of the horse than to be blindfolded and have to rely on your sense of feel to figure out which horse you are on? Huge kudos to staff for planning a fun, interesting and challenging training. Kudos to our instructors and professionals for rising to the challenge and sharing their wealth of knowledge. These are just some of the ways that Xenophon continues to work to provide state-of-the-art services!