Meet Massey… Massey Ferguson, that is.

TractorAll of the staff at Xenophon would like to thank our donors, who made the purchase of a tractor a possibility for us. After a lot of searching, and many phone calls by our board member, Bryan Goldwyn, the center was able to find a gently used tractor with a front loader, that perfectly fit our needs. Xenophon implemented a sophisticated composting system for our manure. We recently were able to connect with a landscaping company that is using the compost. Until now, we did not have a way to load the compost into the trucks and emptying the bins often meant backbreaking shoveling work. We can now meet the demands of the landscape company, get our bins emptied in a timely manner and perform a number of other maintenance type jobs that in the past required hiring a contractor. We are so grateful to have this new useful piece of equipment.