Over the past few years, a tradition has begun of having our Xenophon instructors do some type of demonstration at our student horse show.  Our students rarely get to see their instructors ride, and it is a treat for them see us on horseback. It provides a great example to our riders and the opportunity to show some of the wonderful things that can be done with horses. It also is a chance to showcase the training and talent present in our Xenophon horses. This year, 4 instructors did a Quadrille, which is a pattern of precise, synchronized movements done to music. Melissa Maker, Christine Raddeck and Mari Parino, joined by Trini Gantner, a Xenophon volunteer, partnered with Ozzie, Dinero, Starlight and Ruby, for a wonderful Quadrille demonstration. Starlight and Ruby, who are both in their 20’s, showed that they still have what it takes and were not about to let 2 younger geldings show them up. Dinero demonstrated that even a horse trained in Western reining can transform into a dressage horse. And Ozzie, once again showed just how versatile he is, from lesson horse, to driving horse, to dressage horse. Our Quadrille team will be taking their show on the road, doing a demonstration at the Moraga Valley Horseman’s Association event, Pumpkins and Ponies, on Sunday, October 18, 2015.