Salesian High School Visits Xenophon

A fantastic group of students from Salesian High School in Richmond came to the center on Friday, March 27th to spend their community enrichment day. Their day started by learning about the students that Xenophon serves. An appreciation for the challenges many of our students face was developed through active games, where the Salesian students walked a “mile” (OK, 10 yards, OK they ran) in another’s shoes, by trying a relay race facing physical limitations. All of them said it was an eye-opening experience and certainly developed appreciation. From there it was off to the stables to get to know our equine therapists. While many had never been around horses, all were keen to jump in and learn all they could. Their horse husbandry course started with learning about the equine diet, learning how to groom and then learning about the tack. When asked, they all went to work with sponges and saddle soap in hand. Xenophon’s tack has not been that clean in months. It was a wonderful morning with a wonderful group of young people. We hope to see them back at the center soon.