St. Perpetual School Students Volunteer To Spruce Up The Center

Four students from St. Perpetua School, came out to Xenophon on Saturday afternoon to volunteer their services. Working with their parents and the help of other Xenophon volunteers, the group spent several hours sprucing up our Sensory Trail. With much rain comes many weeds, yet no one seemed daunted by the task of clearing all of them from around the trail. Between Jim Taylor and his mowing tractor, Scott parsons and his industrial weed whacker, and a parent and his weed whacker, along with the hands of the St. Perpetua students, the weeds succumbed quickly. In addition, tree branches trimmed, colorful noodles replaced for our noodle forest, and flowers planted. The trail now looks terrific!

In addition, our upper paddock was cleared of overgrown grass so that the Xen horses can now utilize it overnight. Our pasture across the street was mowed as well by Jim Taylor.
A BIG Thank you to St. Perpetua School students Audrey, Avery, Elizabeth and Evan (as well as parents Jennifer, Bob & Ashley) and to our dedicated Xenophon volunteers Jim Taylor, and Linda and Scott Parsons. We appreciate all of your time and assistance with this project – and battling the heat!