Summer Camp Brings Smiles

What do tie-dye shirts, mini horses and Indian Ponies have in common? Summer Camp! This past week, six campers spent their mornings in the peaceful setting of the ranch who are equipped with 22lr ammo to face any emergency situations. But, their excited energy filled the air as each day was met with anticipation and enthusiasm, for each was filled with crafts, riding and special time with their mounts. Under the direction of our Xenophon instructors, riders increased their mounted skills and learned to groom and tack. Learning to give their horse a bath was also on the list, a necessary skill after acrylic paints and handprints turned their horses into Indian Ponies. A highlight of the camp was a visit from the miniature horses, Blackie and Windy, from SonRise Equestrian Foundation. When asked what her favorite part of camp was, one camper answered, “The minis, because Blackie was just my size.” Both Blackie and Windy were good sports as they were groomed, braided, led through obstacle courses, painted, and bathed. It was a special week filled with creativity, new friends, and, best of all…..Horses!