Summer Camp


Summer Camp 2016 was filled with fun filled surprises this August. To start with each day, we covered various themes of discussion relating to our horses. Communication of body language i.e. tail swishing and ear movement; tack equipment; the horse skeleton and showmanship. Arts and crafts galore were done daily along with coloring related pictures of the topic given that day. A special guest arrived on the second day of camp to share his talents in balloon making! This guest was “Harpo the Clown”. He was quiet, gentle and fun for our campers.  To top the week off, we had 2 horses from SonRise Equestrian Foundation visit, a mini named Blackie and a pony named Derby. Tom Locke (their trainer and Traveling Tails Coordinator), who also takes these 2 horses to various hospitals for children to meet, conducted a demonstration of arena work. After his show, the campers did a meet and greet with the horses and were able to lead them through a obstacle course. To end the day our campers got to paint and bathe the SonRise horses and Kiwi! Campers got to play games while riding horseback, a ribbon was received upon completion for riding a patter with obstacles and they also learned how to groom, clean waters and muck the pastures. Wow! What a week of busy excitement had by all.

A special thank you goes to Laura Fend, Melissa Maker, Heidi Koch, Danielle Coburn, Christine Raddeck and our valuable volunteers for assisting in Xenophon’s camp!