Tips For Change Fundraiser Raises $3,400

Gianni’s Italian Bistro in San Ramon is known for its wonderful food and is touted to have the best Gnochi to be found in the East Bay.  But, what they are best known for is the impact they are having on their community through their “Tips for Change” fundraising program.  On Monday evenings, a day when the restaurant is usually closed, Melanie and Gianni Bartoletti open the restaurant for small non-profits in the community.  The non-profit invites the guests to dinner and provides the wait staff, Gianni provides the wonderful food.  The non-profit keeps all of the tips, and Gianni’s restaurant donates 10% of the food sales.

Xenophon has been fortunate to participate for over 5 years.  On Monday, December 4, 2017, our dining guests arrived.  In testament to the food, Xenophon was able to sell out the restaurant!  Over 120 guests were served that evening.  Our servers for the evening, Laura Fend, Jean Johnstone, Haley Mathews, Danielle Coburn, Mari Parino, Lisa Powell, Lindsay Hendricks and Heidi Koch all donned their aprons and nervously hung onto their order books.  Sam Parino came on board as bus boy and a prior Xenophon Student, Rebecca Weston, helped to hostess.   Despite the inexperience of the servers, salads and entrees made it to the table, cheese and pepper were applied, and water refilled.  Thank goodness for understanding guests.  There was no mistaking the jovial atmosphere and the good natured jibes between guests and servers were taken in stride.

Thank you to our wonderful supporters who came for dinner and gave so generously in tips.  Thank you also to the Bartolettis for this wonderful opportunity.  Please be sure to join us next year, but make your reservations early!