red box
‘Twas two hours before lessons and throughout the center

The staff was beginning to run helter and skelter
Danielle with her phone
Pressed tight to her ear
Was checking the weather
…To cancel, her fear.

Christine ran the arena her whip tight in her hand
Stomped her feet at ‘lil Kiwi, who blithely ignored her commands
In the office all toasty
Could be found the director
Writing checks, making copies
Quite buried in paper

Volunteers were arriving, pulling helmets and mail
“Oh my goodness”, yelled Jan, “Are the animals on the trail?”
Jim Hogg, he arrived
The arena to smooth
But his tractor was gone
Where did Massey get moved?

It appears that the compost began running amuck
And Sam upon emptying in the pasture was stuck
Oh heavens, Oh golly
The lessons draw near
And all is chaos
Or so it appears

The Trox small can’t be found, the clipboard is gone,
We’re supposed to take photos! Will Jim Pire be along?
Our PT and OT
Appear to be lost
There’s a sprinkler now leaking
Ranger’s foot’s in the box

When what to staff’s wondering eyes should appear
But Fix It Jim Taylor with all of his gear.
He sets right to workgreen bow
With a wink and a nod,
Fixin sprinklers, the hay box
Doing Christine’s odd jobs

And as time ticks on by, it becomes quite apparent
The staff need not panic, for now it is evident
The volunteers with their smiles
And amazing good cheer
Have it all under control
There is nothing to fear

The PT and OT were found in their shed
The clipboard and phone now are hung
They all made it happen, they pulled it together
The children arrived and the lesson’s begun
The arena is set
The mail it is out
The horses are saddled
And each’s been turned out

So thank you dear people for all that you do,
Week after week when you come
You make it all happen, the lessons, the magic
You quietly get it all done
We love you, we need you
You keep us all sane
So thanks and good wishes
‘Til we see you again!

Written by: Mari Parino

Twas the hour before lessons