Woodside Elementary Students Visit Xenophon

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, a wonderful group of 9 students from the Woodside Elementary School in Concord made a field trip to Xenophon. Throughout the morning, they learned what it takes to run a working ranch, focusing on horse husbandry. Many of the students were surprised to learn the variety of things that horses like to eat, and while it was pointed out that horses choose healthy foods such as carrots, apples and other fruit, all decided that the peppermints did not fall into the healthy category. Starlight and Go-Go lent a body to help teach the parts of the horse, and were quite happy when all of the chalk was finally groomed off by the eager students. After learning the different tack we use at the center, our Barn Manager was elated when our group cleaned all of the bridles. The day ended with a picnic lunch and games in the arena.