Xenophon Ambassador Brightens The Day at Children’s Hospital


Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center’s ambassador, Wimbledon, joined with SonRise Equestrian Center’s miniature horse, Blackie, in brightening the day of children at USCF Benioff’s Children’s Hospital in Oakland last Tuesday, August 9, 2016. The large black Friesian and the tiny black Mini presented a comical contrast as they allowed themselves to be hugged, stoked, and nuzzled by over a dozen children. True ambassadors they were as they stood stock still while surrounded by wheelchairs, IV stands and whizzing BART trains in the heart of downtown Oakland. While Wimbledon presented a bold picture with his long mane decked out in marigolds and gold ribbon, Blackie stole the show in his bumblebee costume, complete with yellow and black striped leggings, wings and antennae. Xenophon was privileged to join SonRise on their monthly visit to Children’s Hospital. For many of these children, especially those on extended hospital stays due to their illness, and for their parents, the monthly visit is a highlight. It certainly is a much needed distraction from the trials and tribulations facing these families.Wim and Blackie best - CHO