Xenophon’s Horses Contribute to Major “Growth”

While the contribution that Xenophon’s program horses make to the well-being of the participants in our programs is widely known, it is not so widely known that they are contributing to the “growth” of our community in another unique way….manure!  Most of you have seen the large bins on the edge of our parking lot at the base of the lower arena.  Did you know that these are sophisticated composting bins?  The designs for these special bins comes from O2 Compost, a company started by an environmental engineer who specializes in compost systems.  They have a forced air system that “cooks” the compost at 140-160 degrees, making it usable in about 6 week’s time.

Needless to say, with 7 program horses we have an unlimited supply of raw materials, which renders us a constant supply of compost.  So what do we do with all that “top shelf” compost?  Xenophon is now collaborating with Moraga Gardens Farm (MGF), another local non-profit, run by volunteers, who grow an amazing variety of crops.  These crops are supplied to local community organizations who assist families in need and are also sold to local groceries and restaurants in the Berkeley and Lamorinda area.  The money raised is used to buy seed and assist with the maintenance of the garden infrastructure.   Xenophon supplies a stable supply of compost to Moraga Gardens Farm, who use it to grow fabulous food for the community.  Go MFG and go Xennies!  Check out the article in the MGF newsletter!