Eagle Scout Increases Compost Capacity

When Eagle Scout candidate, Chris Anderson, came to Xenophon to see if we had a project he could do for his Eagle Scout badge, little did he know that he would be getting involved in manure manufacturing.  With 6 horses on site, the input into Xenophon’s composting bins were outweighing capacity.  Chris took on the project of building a fourth compost bin for us.  This included pouring a concrete foundation, learning how to mortar cinder blocks and install rebar, as well creating the wood panels for the front.  Chris demonstrated a huge capacity for learning and an overall maturity that made this project happen seamlessly.  Beside building the bin, Chris put in a huge effort to get donations to cover the cost of the project.  Not only did he cover expenses, but through his fundraising efforts a donation was made to the center of over $700.00.  Thank you, Chris, for this much needed project.  Thanks also to Trax Trax, Inc.  for their donation of time, resources and talent to help Chris with this project, as well as to all of Chris’ donors.  We can now manage our manure and turn it into fabulous compost!