Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout Projects Add to the Sensory Trail

Xenophon has been fortunate to be the beneficiary of numerous Eagle Scout projects over the last year. While the projects themselves are fabulous, it is a joy to have such dedicated, responsible and hard-working youth up at the center. In 2013, Sam Griebstein completed his Eagle Scout project by installing an “Experiential Pathway” on our sensory trail.  This is a pathway consisting of boxes with footing such as crumbled rubber, gravel and sand, along with a wooden bridge. Riders can feel the impact that the different footings have on the horses movement, as well as the sound of their feet. Paul Ogle worked hard for his Eagle Scout project to install a real-life railroad crossing on the trail, complete with lights and bells.  The crossing will allow riders to stop, look, listen and verbalize.

Currently, Tim Tague is working at the center on his Eagle Scout project. Tim is installing a water feature on the sensory trail. This will be a square water tub at rider height, allowing our clients to stop and play water games. The box will involve touch and feel, as well as fine and gross motor skills.  This will be a huge addition to the trail and will be especially enjoyed by all during the hot weather.


Thank you to all of these boys for their hard work and contribution to Xenophon.