Family Ride-A-Long Brings Smiles

It has been a wild and woolly week at the center, with Mother Nature sending much needed rain on Wednesday and Thursday that drenched the grounds as well as people and horses.  While it may have dampened heads and clothes, it couldn’t dampen the smiles of those participating in Xenophon’s first Family Ride-A-Long week.  For this last week of the 2014 season, our therapeutic riding participants were able to invite a family member or friend to ride along in their lesson with them.  We had moms, dads, siblings, cousins, and, yes, even grandmas don helmets and mount up to experience what our riders do every week..  From warm-up stretches to game activities to trotting, they did it all be it in a surcingle or a saddle.  Our children became the instructors as they coached parents on how to put on their helmet, or older siblings how to correctly hold the reins and steer.   The comments from our parents were amazing.  One parent responded, “I have watched my son ride every week and he makes it look so easy.  This is not easy at all and I can feel that I am using all my muscles.”  Said another parent, “This really made me appreciate the horse and what they do for every one of their riders.”  Words can not describe the smiles of the children as they watched their loved one ride next to them.  Xenophon was a very happy place to be this week!

  • Eva and King David