Gianni’s Italian Bistro Gets 5 Stars From Xenophon

Gianni’s Italian Bistro is a small quaint Italian restaurant located in San Ramon.  But this little restaurant, with its fabulous food, is huge in the hearts of those at Xenophon.  Restaurant owners, Gianni and Melanie Bartoletti, are impacting their community in a big way.  Their restaurant is normally closed on Mondays, but several years ago, they began opening their restaurant on that day in order to invite non-profits in for a fundraising event, “Tips for Change”.  The non-profit provides the wait staff and invites the guests.  They then keep all of the tips, in addition to Gianni and Melanie donating 10% of the evening’s proceeds.  What started out as a once-a-month contribution, has now turned into a 2-3 times-a-month philanthropic endeavor.

Xenophon has been fortunate to be one of the lucky participants in “Tips for Change”.  On Monday, September 28, 2015, several of our staff and board members donned their Xenophon shirts along with an apron to hone their serving skills.  Thankfully, the fabulous Italian fare more than made up for the lack of service!  Faithful Xenophon supporters filled the restaurant seats to capacity with bodies and the air with laughter.  They once again proved what is already well known: that Xenophon has the best supporters on the planet.  We raised over $3,600.00 in tips and with the restaurant donation our total was nearly $4,000.00.  What an amazing night.  Our Xenophon parents will be happy to know that their children’s instructors have decided to keep their day jobs!  Thank you, Gianni and Melanie for this wonderful opportunity.  For those of you who were unable to come last Monday to the restaurant, please give Gianni’s Italian Bistro a try.  You will not be disappointed.