Greg Taboloff Puts on Benefit Concert for Xenophon

Most certainly, the table at Xenophon’s 2014 gala that bid on the private piano concert had no idea what a very special evening they were in for.  While Greg Taboloff’s long list of accomplishments were presented in the live auction description (and include numerous international competitions and concerts, Carnegie Hall, the California Symphony, the Oakland Symphony and the Diablo Symphony), experiencing his amazing talent first-hand, in an intimate setting, was truly remarkable. The home of Xenophon’s board member, Trudy Presser, and her husband, Bruce, provided the perfect summer venue. Guest sipped cocktails and wine while enjoying gourmet food on the expansive deck, then headed in to hear Mr. Taboloff play on a 100 year-old Steinway piano. The exciting pieces that Mr. Taboloff chose, as well as the interesting historical facts he gave on the pieces and composers, ensured that each guest, even those not especially enamored of classical music, could enjoy the nuance of each and every piece. It was an evening to remember. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Taboloff for donating his time and wonderful talent.  Thank you also to Xenophon’s Board of Directors who provided the food, drink and “wait staff”, and Bruce Johnstone who donated the desserts.