Need Compost? Try the best.

Does your garden need some help? Is the drought taking its toll on your plants?  You need compost and do we have some really good sh.., um, stuff for you.  Xenophon has a great composting system. We believe in running a sustainable farm, and composting our manure is a big part of that. Our manure is put in large concrete bins, which have a piping system underneath. Fans force air up through the manure pile, literally cooking the manure at 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. Aeration is the key. The aeration drives microbes which are already in the manure. The by-product is heat so that in a few short weeks, our manure has turned into your garden’s new best friend. At these high temperatures, the manure is broken down, pasteurized, odors reduced, and fly larvae and weed seeds are killed. Compost is available for pick up at the center. Bags are supplied for filling of smaller amounts, and for large quantities we can load a pick-up truck. Contact the center to schedule, (925)377-0871.