Instructor Continuing Education Seminar Held at Xenophon

On October 7, 2012, Xenophon hosted a day of educational workshops for our instructors and for instructors from other local therapeutic riding centers.  The day was designed to provide a networking opportunity with other professionals in our field as well as continuing education on a variety of subjects.  Over 21 people from 3 different centers attended a total of 6 workshops.  These covered a variety of subjects from how to best use the horse as a therapeutic tool to medication awareness to teaching approaches for clients with autism.  Xenophon is fortunate to have talented instructors who shared their knowledge and expertise on a variety of subjects with those in attendance.   The driving clinic was a big success and provided comic relief as participants took turns being the “horse” and trying to understand a new vocabulary of words from their “driver”.   All were thankful to John Sayuk, a pharmacist, who shared his knowledge of the side effects of medications and how these might impact our riders.  It was a great day of networking and instruction with all hoping to continue this in-service day into the future.

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