MAX-Ability Is Donating A Lift to Xenophon

Xenophon has been the lucky beneficiary of a brand new lift. MAX-Ability, a company that specializes in products associated with accessibility for individuals with disabilities, is donating this fabulous piece of equipment.

The lift will be installed in our new arena. Using a belt system, it will allow us to mechanically lift clients directly from their wheelchair and onto the back of the horse, eliminating the need for awkward and often difficult mounts from the mounting ramp. It will ease the strain on the backs of our instructors and horses, as well as making mounts easier for the rider.

MAX-Ability is located in Santa Rosa and has been in business since 1993. The company goals coincide with the principles of environmental access and the affect it has on home care, rehabilitation, caregiver safety, and more. Their company has equipment in hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, businesses, rehab facilities, and homes.

We are truly grateful to Lee Kaufman and MAX-Ability for giving us this wonderful donation.

One thought on “MAX-Ability Is Donating A Lift to Xenophon

  1. Racheal Shirley

    Thank you MAX-Ability – my daughter has been with Xenophon going on 4 years now and a lift will really help with her therapy. That’s the hardest part for her and for the staff; getting her on and off the horse.

    Thank you from the Shirley Family


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