New Shade Structure for Starlight


One again, an Eagle Scout project provided a huge benefit to Xenophon. Zachary Peterson took on the task of building a new shade structure in one of our horse paddocks. The much needed structure was put up just in time for Starlight to benefit from it in the 90 degree heat wave that hit Orinda. Eagle Scout projects demand a great deal of time and attention. It is as much about the process as it is about the project. The scout must complete a detailed proposal, including what the project is, how many man-hours are required, what materials will be needed, what expertise is needed, as well as a detailed cost analysis. Often these projects include fundraising to cover material costs. Developing planning and leadership skills are a fundamental part of the Eagle Scout process. We were fortunate to have Zachary complete his Eagle Scout project at Xenophon. Thank you for a job well done. Thank you, also, to the Peterson family who donated the materials.