Statement From The Xenophon Board of Directors

Recently, an incident happened at our center, in which an individual sent an extremely hateful and racist email to one of our staff members. Thankfully, the decision had already been made to remove this volunteer from the program. However, the Xenophon Board of Directors and myself feel strongly enough about this incident to make this statement. One of the amazing virtues of our center is that all are welcome and accepted under our roof. It matters not if you can walk, whether you can speak, what color your skin is, nor your religion. This value of respect and acceptance is one we hold dear and we will not tolerate hate or disrespect. Our apologies go out to our staff member who was subjected to this intolerable disrespect, as well as our love and support. We value each and every volunteer, donor, family member and participant as members of the Xenophon family.

Mari Parino, Executive Director
Mark Caron, President
Trudy Presser, Vice President
Judy Lazarus, Treasurer
Jean Johnstone, Secretary
Leslie DeBoer
Bryan Goldwyn
Steve Siljestrom
Ann Welch