Xenophon Video Wins Telly Award

Telly AwardWhen the idea first surfaced over 10 year ago to try and make a promotional video about Xenophon, little did we know that it would result in one of the most prestigious awards in video production. Being naive as to the cost of producing a quality video, the budget set for our first film was laughingly small. Yet, when we approached In-Vision Communications in Walnut Creek, Rod Mickels, the owner, did not laugh, but smiled politely and told us he thought he could help. Pairing the willing hands of 2 high school students with the talented filming and editing crew of In-Vision, our first promotional video was made and was a production of which we could be proud. Eleven years later, it was obvious that it was time to update our video. Once again, In-Vision came through and produced a video that beautifully told the story of what Xenophon is all about.

Xenophon pics - TellyIn-Vision entered the video in the 2014 Telly Award competitions. The Telly awards were founded in 1978 to honor excellence in local and regional cable TV, commercials, non-broadcast video productions and TV programs. The Telly is one of the most sought after awards by international film industries, local production companies and ad agencies. Xenophon’s video won the bronze award for the Charitable/Not-for-Profit category. Congratulations are in order to In-Vision Communications for helping us produce such a quality video, and a huge thank you to them for entering it and honoring us with such a fantastic award. Check out the statue in the office.