Gianni’s Italian Bistro Fundraiser
Raises over $4,500

Xenophon pics - Gianni 2014This past Monday, September 29th, Xenophon was offered the opportunity once again to participate in Gianni’s Italian Bistro’s “Tips for Change” fundraiser. Gianni’s, which is normally closed on Mondays, opens their restaurant to non-profit organizations. The non-profit provides the wait staff, Gianni’s provides their fabulous food and both invite family and friends to come and dine. The non-profit keeps all the tips. This year staff members Laura Fend, Melissa Maker, Christine Raddeck, Danielle Coburn and Mari Parino traded in their center hats to don server aprons. They were joined by board members Mark Caron, Jean Johnstone and Trudy Presser. Greg and Ann Welch were there to sell raffle tickets for a basket full of Xenophon items, and Sam Parino came on board to fill water and serve bread and drinks. The restaurant filled early with the wonderful faces of Xenophon supporters. The diners were not disappointed by the food, and the “waiters” were not disappointed by the generous tips of the diners. Thank you to everyone who came to dinner and supported the center. The tips were amazing. A huge thank you to Gianni’s for this opportunity and for their generous contribution.