Xenophon Work Day

steve and bruce tree trimming wd 2013shea  and barbara cleaning tack wd 2013

several volunteers cleaning toy shed  wd 2013sandra painting ramp wd 2013



don and sam painting wd 2013Annette and Brenda weeding wd 2013

syd making windows sparkle wd 2013

Our center workday on February 2nd proved yet again that many hands make for light work. With staff having set out an ambitious 2-page list of chores to be done, it was looking as if a 2nd work day would need to be scheduled. True to form, many of our wonderful volunteers turned out and set themselves right to work. Not only was a second work day not needed, but the afternoon was not needed! By 10:30 in the morning nearly the entire 2 pages of chores were checked off. Thanks to Justin Neville and his handy chain saw, trees were trimmed, power lines cleared, and drainage slots made. Sam Parino and Bruce Presser, with help from Ellen Marienthal and Annette Barter, emptied an entire compost bin. Then, there was the transformation of our mounting ramps thanks to sanders Nigel Hearne and Mark Caron, along with the help of numerous painters. Fence railings were painted, our mailbox was reset in concrete and moved to a better location. The list of accomplishments goes on and on as does the list of helpers. Thank you to everyone who came and participated and put our center in tip top shape for the start of the 2013 season.

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