Chevron Comes to Xenophon for Week of Caring 2013

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Xenophon was fortunate to benefit yet again this year from participation in Week of Caring.  Week of Caring is a coordinated effort between the Volunteer Center of the East Bay and local businesses, designed to assist non-profit organizations.  The non-profits compile a list of needed projects and the companies allow their employees paid leave from work to provide the necessary man-power.

As in years past, we had a wonderful group from Chevron come out to Xenophon.  They built solid doors to go on the front of our hay shed in order to keep the hay dry through the winter.  The timing could not have been better, as the doors were in place for Saturday’s surprise rain storm.  The group also built a small shed adjacent to one of the pipe stalls to allow for a dry place to park our tractor away from the mice and other varmint that insist on taking up residence in the carburetor.    Thank you to all who came with the Chevron group and worked so hard.  Thank you to Chevron for their continued support of the local community.