The Latest News at Xenophon

A big thank you to the Lescure Company for taking on the project to install our backflow device on our water line, complete with arranging inspections and certification.

Thank you to Millette Landscaping for the incredible amount of weed removal and spraying they did, all at no cost.


Keeping our horses happy and healthy in order to do their job can be a challenge.  This is especially true in finding a proper fitting saddle.  That issue has been solved for two of horses thanks to Carmi Weininger at Reactor Panel Saddles.  Dandie was the lucky recipient of one of these amazing saddles a number of months ago, and is benefiting from Carmi’s experienced hand and eye with a newly adjusted fit.  We are quite sure Ozzie’s chronic back stiffness will be solved with a new reactor panel saddle that was donated to us.  Thank you Carmi and Reactor Panel Saddles.


Annie Retired:  Our therapy horses always become part of the family and work their way into our hearts.  That is why it is always so hard to let them go.  But, this is a difficult job and sometimes the horses just get tired of it.  Such is the case with Annie.  She was letting us know that she did not want to do this job any more.  A big thank you to Laura Fend for the use of this beautiful mare.  She carried many a hippotherapy patient and therapeutic riding student with patience and grace.  Annie has moved to Summit Ranch where 3 ladies now have the joy of sponsoring and riding her on the trails of Mt. Diablo.  (pic already on internet)

King David

The New Kid in Town – King David: Filling Annie’s shoes will not be easy, but we have just the guy to do it.  King David arrived at the center 2 weeks ago and has not missed a beat.  He stepped out of the trailer with a calm demeanor and has acted like he belonged here ever since.  He has curiously watched lessons and fit in well with the herd.  King David comes to us through a generous loan by Ann Branagh.  He is a 22 year-old Arab/Quarter cross who has served many a rider as a lesson horse, carrying some over cross-country courses, and others through many a horse show.  He is currently in training and has passed the first stage of his testing. There are two more stages to go and we feel confident he will pass with flying colors.


Our Riders:  Each and every one of our students is special and their accomplishments are celebrated no matter how big or small.  From the blinking of an eye for “walk on” to success in getting a ring on a pole.  Everyday at the center these special children make us smile and our hearts soar by the accomplishments they make.  This week was no exception.  For the first time ever, one of our more independent riders actually cantered his horse, by himself, with no leader and no sidewalkers.  The neighbors must have heard the hoots and hollers of the volunteers that followed.  Another independent rider jumped crossed poles all by herself.  Two of our hippo patients graduated up to a group session due to their progress.  Another student who had never verbalized use the word “go” to get his horse to move.   These miracles happen every week at the center.  It it what makes Xenophon so special for the riders, the staff AND the volunteers.