Halloween Fun at the Center

Xen - Halloween 10:14While the daylight kept the ghosts and goblins at bay, the rest of Halloween’s fun found its way to Xenophon last week with pumpkins and costumes and trick-Xen - Ben Halloween 10:14or-treating on horseback.  Scarecrows on hay bales greeted riders on the sensory trail and decorations adorned the deck and sitting area.  The highlight of the day for most participants was the opportunity to “dress up” their sidewalker or steed from the costume basket.   Good-natured volunteers donned hats, wigs, tattoo sleeves, boas and crazy glasses.  Even the horses were not left out and meekly accepted purple hair and other costume accessories.  If costumes weren’t the thing, then decorating a “Mr. Pumpkin” (that would be a pumpkin with Mr. Potato Head parts), was just the ticket for other riders.  All in all a fun week at the center for everyone.