Judy and Janet Honored by Volunteers

A wonderful send-off was given to Judy and Janet by the volunteers on Sunday, August 15, 2010. It was held at the beautiful home of Lee and Mary Andersen and hosted by both Mary Andersen and Mary Wunderlich. A huge thank you goes to both those ladies for their planning and hard work. As many of you know we are sending Judy off into retirement. There would be no Xenophon without her. Judy, we wish you much relaxation and many hours of bridge! Janet is heading off to Samuel Merritt University to study Occupational Therapy. Good luck with your classes, Janet. You will still see Janet “around the barn”, as she will still be teaching occasionally. Both of you have been an inspiration through your dedication and hard work. Thank you!

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One thought on “Judy and Janet Honored by Volunteers

  1. Judy Lazarus

    What a great party. It was so much fun and thank you to one and all.
    Jim, your pictures are fabulous, as usual.


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