Xenophon Horse Show, 2010

Xenophon’ s Student Horse Show a Fabulous Event

This past Saturday, October 2nd, Xenophon held its annual horse show. It was a beautiful day and thankfully not nearly as hot as the week prior. Our horses were washed, polished and braided and did a great job helping our students showcase all they had learned throughout the season. We saw a Jedi knight and 2 cowboys in our costume class, we saw demonstrations of tricky rein work through the “Beanie Baby Bucket” game, and we saw beautiful sitting and rising trots. All of our students did a wonderful job and made parents, staff and volunteers very proud. A big thank you goes to our staff and volunteers for their hard work in preparing and running the day.

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4 thoughts on “Xenophon Horse Show, 2010

  1. Jan Bindas

    Jim, thank you so much for capturing the joy, accomplishments and special moments from our show. You have such a gift. Beautiful, beautiful pictures…..


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